Service Contracts & Repairs

Keep Your Generator Running Efficiently With Regular Servicing & Expert Maintenance

We carry out regular servicing on your generator so you can ensure continued reliability throughout the life span of the generator. A typical service contract includes one major service, one minor service, a 100% loadbank test and oil, coolant and fuel samples.

All service contracts are written to suit your individual requirements. They can vary from a supervised weekly off load run to a yearly full service including 110% load bank.

Why Bother With Regular Generator Servicing?

Reduce The Risk Of Breakdown

Just like a car, your generator will be less likely to breakdown if it is service regularly.

Increased Efficiency

By increasing fuel efficiency, you could also be saving money.

Increase The Life Span

Let’s face it, generators aren’t cheap, and we’re sure you won’t want to pay out on a new generator before you need to.

Service Contracts Built For You

Every business is different, so we’ll write a service plan that’s suited to you.

24 Hour Call Out

Have you just stumbled on this website after power failure at your event or business project? We love a challenge, so drop us a call straight away to see if we can get the power flowing.


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