Frequently Asked Questions

When planning a big event or needing power that’s vital for business use, we’re sure you’ll have a few questions before going ahead and hiring one of our silent generators or fridge / freezer trailers.

So to help you out, we’ve come up with some of our most frequently asked questions. Still got a burning questions you need to ask us, just get in touch. We’re more than happy to help even if it’s just to give you peace of mind.

How reliable are your generators?

By utilising the latest in remote telematics we can ensure the highest uptime of our equipment. The generators automatically send an email and SMS message to our engineers when parameters fall out of limits. For ultimate peace of mind we can offer a backup generator with automatic switch over.

I’m worried we will be able to hear the generator and it will disturb our wedding/event?

Our event specification generators are the quietest available on the UK market and we promise they won’t disturb your event

How many sockets will you provide?

We typically bring 4 banks of sockets with a 40kVA generator and 6 banks with a 60kVA generator with more than enough cabling for them to be positioned where required, usually the DJ/Stage, Bar area and the kitchen/catering unit. We also carry loads of spares on every delivery just incase.

How long will the generator run on a tank of fuel?

All of our generators will run for at least 36 hours on their internal tanks, as we monitor the generators remotely we can proactively arrange a refuel if required.

When will you set up the generator?

We can work around you within reason. If you’re having a marquee then we typically try and be on site in the afternoon of your marquee build day, this allows us to see where the sockets need to be and it allows your marquee company to test their lighting before they leave.

We’re worried that we don’t have enough room for the generator near the marquee.

We can bring up to 100 meters of cable from the generator to the marquee so it can be positioned elsewhere on your site.

I’m worried one dodgy oven will knock out our whole event.

We have the best specification of distribution panels which means only one circuit will trip at a time, if their is a fault with a kitchen appliance only that circuit will trip, if the toilets have a fault only that circuit will trip and so on.

We’re not very tech savvy, how do we control the generator?

Once we have set up the generator and cabling we can show the bride, groom, best man, in laws, the dog and anyone else who maybe involved how to control the generator and where to reset if anything trips. We’re always at the end of the phone if you have any issues.

The weather has turned bad, we’re worried about the ground.

We only deliver using 4×4 vehicles with winches, if the ground is too soft we will find another location using more cable but generally we can get the generator to the ideal position without any mess.

Do you offer anything other the generators?

Sure. We offer silent generators, lighting towers, heaters, fridge and freezer trailers, lighting, fairy lights, festoon lights with stands, PA systems and cable ramps.

What if we have any troubles?

Just ring us, anytime of the day or night. Generally we would already know of any issues thanks to the remote monitoring and we may already be on our way to you.

Help, I’m too confused!

Give us a call or drop us an email, we can discuss with your third party suppliers their power requirements and work out the correct size of generator for your event.

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