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Generator Accessories & Extras

Having a reliable generator is one thing, but have you given a thought as to the range of accessories you may need? All that power has go somewhere, so we have a wide range of equipment that you may find helpful. Some of which may even help the generator to run more efficiently, saving you money in the long run!

If you’re hiring from us then we’ll ensure we discuss these accessories with you, making sure you’ve got everything you need for a smooth project from start to finish.

Heavy Duty Cables

  • HO7 rubber cables.
  • IP Rated connections.
  • All 16Amp cables are made of 2.5mm CSA cable.
  • All 32Amp cables are made of 6mm CSA cable.
  • 63Amp cables are made of either 16mm or 25mm CSA cable depending on length.
  • 125Amp cables are made of either 35mm or 50mm CSA cable depending on length.
  • By using oversized cables we can ensure that voltage drop issues are kept to a minimum.

Power Distribution

Multiple configurations of temporary distribution panels available with 32Amp single phase to 400Amp power lock inputs.

Our distribution systems are designed to offer the most reliable setup for your event.

The outlets are protected by individual RCBO, this way in the event of a single third party appliance causing a fault only that circuit will be tripped and the rest of the event will stay on.

IP Rated for outdoor use if required.

Socket boards to convert from ceeform outlets to regular domestic 13Amp sockets.

ATS Panels

  • 63amp to 400amp ATS panels held in stock.
  • Designed to be connected either between two generators or a mains supply and a generator.
  • Automatically starts and changes load over to a back-up generator is the primary supply fails.
  • Can be programmed with on or off load generator tests.
  • Deep Sea controlled panels.

Bulk Fuel Tanks

  • We hold 100 to 5000 litre bunded fuel tanks in stock.
    100 litre tanks can be connected directly to our heaters, or they are fitted with manual pumps.
  • 1000 litre fast road tow tanks with 12volt pump and feed & return connections for generators and heaters.
  • 1000-5000 litre tanks with multiple feed and return connections for generators and heaters, we can supply manual or 12volt pumps as required.
  • Tanks are supplied with braided fuel lines.

Load Banks

  • 200-1000kW load banks available.
  • Designed to be controlled in 1kW steps.
  • External power supplies.
  • Used to prove that your generator is capable of providing the power it was designed to provide.
  • Often a 100% load run for 2-3 hours on a generator can clean a choked up engine out, running generators for prolonged periods with little to no load on them often chokes an engine.


  • 40kW indirect diesel heaters.
  • Thermostat controlled.
  • Can be setup to recirculate heat.
  • Efficient at 3-4litres diesel per hour.
  • Can be connected to either 20litre Jerry Cans or 100-1000Litre tanks.

Cable Ramps

  • 5 Channel cable ramps designed for multiple cables.
  • 1 Meter long.
  • High vis Yellow and Black.

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The possibilities really are endless when it comes to generator accessories. From load banks to heating, we have a growing stock that could just put the finishing touch to your event or project.

Simply give us some details of your requirements, maybe even some details of the equipment you’ll be using, and we’ll be in touch shortly with a price.

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